Make SEO a Priority


Every company that owns a website should make SEO a priority. The reason for this is quite straightforward, a website that has a strong Google or Bing presence is one way of boosting income and the growth of your company.

The simplest use of SEO is to boost the presence of your website in the web visitors search results. This, in turn, increased traffic to your site.
In-depth SEO often involves a complete site makeover and is usually done after consultation with an SEO specialist. There are however several steps that you can undertake so as to boost your ranking in search engines.
All that is required rethinking your content approach on your website. If you feel you don’t have enough experience with SEO hire an SEO company in your area which can help you to elaborate an SEO strategy.

Monitor your Website Ranking

Tracking your website ranking is one way of knowing whether your SEO efforts are being fruitful. Tools such as Google toolbar and Alexa are used. It is of extreme importance that you check your referrers log to see the location of your visitors.

Link Back to Your Website

The most basic strategy that can easily employ for SEO is to include internal links on your site. This is a simple way to increase traffic to various pages.

Prioritize linking back to your archives often when writing new content. Experts say that you should also make your anchor text search engine-friendly. Using relevant keywords to point to a specific page, the greater the likely hood for the page to appear in specific search results when users search for those specific terms.
As with all SEO approaches, always ensure that you use appropriate links and also never use excessive linking.


Use the appropriate keywords across your website such as within your titles, URLs, content and image names. Properly plan your search terms and keywords as this will ensure that those who are looking for your website will find it.

The page header and title tag are the most important places to put your keywords.
Point of caution. Using many keywords in a single description will cause the search engine to flag your website as a spammer, the spiders are designed to ignore websites that spam or keyword stuff. Organize and strategically place your keywords.
Ensure your Search Friendly URLs

Ensure that your URLs are search engine friendly.

Do not use Flash

Even though Flash might look impressive on your website its does not help your SEO efforts. Flash, Frames, and AJAX all have the same problem. You will not be able to link to a single page. Never use frames at all and limit the use AJAX and Flash for the best SEO results. If you have to use a splash on your main page or a large image, put the text and navigation links below the fold.